Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Won't You Be My New Neighbor

I was watching History Detectives reruns today and noticed an ad on the side for a new show called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. What really drew me to the ad was the font.  It is the same font that was used for Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

I decided to check the show out and learned that it is an animated spin off featuring Daniel Tiger, son of Daniel Striped Tiger.  Other characters from Make-Believe will appear all grown older.

Like many my age and older, I have a love for Mr. Rogers. We even discussed him in one of my media classes because of his efforts to get VHS promoted over BETA for home use. He wanted parents to be able to record his show, and other educational programs, to watch together with their children.

(I found a video on youTube a while back showing Fred Rogers speaking about VHS, but it's no longer up. I'll try to find it again.)

I'm so thankful from Fred Rogers and all the work he did for educational and public television. He was a very upstanding and honorable person. I can't imagine the world without Fred Rogers and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.