Thursday, October 20, 2011


Exactly 60 years ago, on October 20th, 1951, CBS debuted their then new eye logo.  If you don't already know...I happen to be a huge fan of CBS

*I love many CBS programs including NCIS, CSI, and Big Bang Theory.

*It was Craig Day, a news anchor on our local CBS affiliate, who inspired me to pursue a mass communication degree.  Without said degree I would never have considered starting Whitney Sews.

*To top it off I got to job shadow and intern at that same CBS affiliate station!

I guess you could say CBS and I are pretty when I found out today was a somewhat historical day for CBS I just had to share the news!

Here is original all seeing CBS eye

Quick video about the eye's history

Here's to many, many more years for CBS!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage Find

Just wanted to quickly share a video I filmed last week at a thrift store showing off some amazing vintage radios!  I didn't buy one at the time and they were all gone when I went back the next day :/