Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pearl Carter Scott

I just finished watching a movie on OETA called Pearl.  It's about an Oklahoma native Chickasaw woman who became the youngest licensed pilot in the United States of America in 1928

Pearl's father went blind as a young man so at the young age of eleven Pearl learned to drive and would drive her father around for business.  Pearl and her family met Wiley Post in the late '20s (Wiley is a one-eyed pilot who immediately took a liking to Pearl and her father).  After a couple of flights with Wiley, Pearl was determined that the sky is where she wanted and needed to be. 

The film was produced by the Chickasaw nation (their first full length film...and a really good one at that!).  It was released at festivals and short theatre runs in 2010.  Tonight was it's television premier.  You should definitely watch Pearl if you get the chance.  If you live in Oklahoma you can tune in on June 17th at 11:30 p.m. to see the film.

I just reserved a copy of the book Never Give Up: The Life of Pearl Carter Scott from the library.  So I'm sure I'll be writing more about Mrs. Scott in the future.

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