Sunday, July 24, 2011

Television Time Capsules

In case you're wondering... no, I haven't forgotten about this blog.  I've been busy with work, life, Whitney Sews, and other things. 

This afternoon I was watching the Lawrence Welk Show on OETA like I do every week.  I love how the show is a time capsule of fashion, music, beauty, and etiquette!  I don't think there is a single modern show that can be compared to the Lawrence Welk show in any way.

Another show I used to watch every week was the Ed Sullivan Show.  The reruns came on every Saturday night after Lawrence Welk for several years.  It exposed me to tons of singers, bands, comedians, and acts from the past.  The show hasn't been aired on OETA in the past few years, so I was excited when I saw a promo last week for AugustFest. They are bringing Ed Sullivan back, at least for Festival! 

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